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What is QR code?

A QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a type of two-dimensional barcode that contains encoded information. It was first developed in Japan in the 1990s by a company named Denso Wave. QR codes are square-shaped patterns made up of black modules arranged on a white background.

QR codes can store various types of data such as text, URLs, contact information, or other types of data. They are designed to be quickly and easily scanned using a QR code reader, which can be a smartphone camera or a dedicated QR code scanning device.

Once scanned, the encoded information is extracted and can trigger actions such as opening a website, displaying text, adding contact information to a phone, or initiating a payment transaction.

QR codes have become widely used due to their versatility, ease of use, and ability to store a large amount of data in a compact format. They are commonly found in advertising, marketing materials, product packaging, event tickets, and more.

How can I scan QR Code?

You need to scan a QR code, but don’t have a camera here? At, we provide you with an online QR scanner tool. Simply upload your image and wait a moment. The result will be displayed. No ads, no registration required, no redirection, and completely free.

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5000 is an incredible tool. It's completely free, with no ads or registration required. I simply upload the image, and it provides me with the link so quickly. It protects me from unknown redirects, viruses, and spamming links
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What a fantastic tool! It generates my QR code without any redirect or spam links—just my pure link in the QR code. I only wish I had known about this tool earlier!
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